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Sam Miller is a nationally touring comedian from Olympia, Washington. He is 6 foot 6, 360 pounds, has two kids, (one of them is on purpose) he's been married for 12 years, and has been clean and sober for 15 years. Sam likes to make jokes about what it's like to be a sober parent. He also likes to make jokes about what jails like in Yakima. His first album and special, Round Trip, was recorded and filmed under the tutelage of Grammy-winning producer Dan Schlissel, whose indie label, Stand Up! Records, Sam had recently signed a three-album deal with. Round Trip was released October 27th 2023 and immediately went to number one on the iTunes Comedy Charts. It even broke into the top 200 overall charts. Sam is a recurring guest and has been heard by an estimated 2.5 million listeners on the nationally syndicated "Bob & Tom Radio Show." He has written for Newsweek. He has over 115,000 followers on Facebook, 30,000+ on Instagram, and 35,000+ on TikTok. Sam has multiple videos with well over one million views on all platforms including a Facebook Reel that has over 8 million views. He was the runner-up in the 2021 Seattle International Comedy Competition and won the Comedy on Trial Competition in 2017. He has headlined multiple major comedy clubs including The Laugh Factory in Chicago. He's also performed with the Addicts Comedy Tour and at NA and AA conventions all over the country. For three consecutive years, he won awards in "The Best of Olympia" issue of the Weekly Volcano

Hannah Jones is a Denver comedian and a regular Woman About The Internet; her videos on Tiktok and Instagram have been viewed over 30 million times, where she is consistently, "shitting on the mother toilet", as they say. She has been featured on Netflix is a Joke Radio and holds the career defining title of the 2007 Fayetteville Christian Homeschool Chess Club's "Most Improved."

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In 2019, Zac appeared on Spaghetti High on Adult Swim. He is a regular at The World Famous Comedy Works, and in 2018, Thrillist called him one of the 50 best-undiscovered comedians in the country. Zac founded the Denver Phone It In Film Festival in 2016 and in 2021, the Black Hills Comedy Festival.

Christie Buchele is an up-and-coming standup comic from Denver, Colorado. Christie has made a name for herself by sharing the heart-wrenching and hilarious realities of being a woman with a disability. Christie has been featured on Viceland’s Flophouse; Hidden America with Jonah Ray; and Laughs on Fox. Christie has performed at the Crom Comedy Festival in Omaha, Nebraska, Denver's own High Plains Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest, and Limestone Comedy Festival.

Christie has been described as "brave" for leaving the house in that body. Her comedy has been described as "funny despite what she talks about" and "uncomfortable" by Christie's mom. She has opened for the likes of Josh Blue, Sean Patton and Andy Kindler.

Christie co-hosts a witty relationship advice podcast, Empty Girlfriend, which earned Best Comedy Podcast by Westword magazine's Best Of awards and Best Podcast at the Sexpot Comedy awards in 2017. As one-third of the Denver Comedy powerhouse, The Pussy Bros, Christie reps the Mile High City hard while crushing audiences with a wry, biting style that’s a bit sweet and a little bit surly, proving time and again you can say almost anything with a smile on your face and a gimp in your step.

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Stylistically manic, artistically brilliant, AJ Finney is an eclectic midwesterner with a passion for the psychedelic scene of the Sixties. Comedy, jam bands and Volkswagens — that’s him. He’s an eco-friendly, improvisational, sometimes philosophical, patchouli-soaked quipster. AJ’s organic approach is refreshing and his poetic stream of consciousness style makes for a colorful and unforgettable comedic experience.

His audience (much like the Deadheads) are finding him through alternative venues such as music festivals, head shops, and record stores. In 2014, AJ was crowned “Best of the Midwest” winner at Gilda’s LaughFest in Grand Rapids, was featured on the FOX television show Laughs, and was one of the 100 performers chosen for Season 8 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. In 2013, he was a semifinalist in the Comedy Central talent search Up Next, as well as a finalist in the 2011 San Francisco International Comedy Competition. He was voted “Best in Fest” at the 2011 Detroit LaughFest and was a finalist in HBO’s Lucky 21 comedy competition.

AJ is an effective and engaging storyteller with a rhythm that quickly pulls you into his world. You'll laugh until you leave and then later you'll laugh again.

Stand-up comedian, podcaster, novice voice actor, and avid pop culture enthusiast: Mitch Jones is a Colorado native who has been performing comedy since 2010. From the corners of the smelliest dive bars to the brightly lit stages of mid-sized theaters…Jones stands ever vigilant; forever in pursuit of the creative process!

Past credits include:
High Plains Comedy Festival (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
Crom Comedy Festival (2016, 2017)
Savage Henry Comedy Festival (2016)
Laughing Devil Comedy Festival (2015)

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John Novosad is a stand-up comedian based out of the Comedy Works in Denver, Colorado. John grew up in Boulder, Colorado. He’s performed in clubs, theatres, and bars across the country for over thirty years.

Making his network television debut on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, John followed that up with a second performance on the Ferguson show. He’s also appeared on Bryon Allen’s nationally syndicated Comedy.TV.

John’s album, “Jokes I Can Only Tell Here,” on The Laugh Button record label was released in the spring of 2022 and is streaming on all platforms.

John has toured extensively over the years and continues to do so. A favorite at Denver's Comedy Works, John’s disarming presence and sharp wit create a versatile and engaging performance every time

Matt Cobos is a one-dude party from Denver, Colorado. His quick, punchy style, and kick-ass attitude quickly gets audiences onboard and ready to rage. He also says "dude" and "hell yeah" WAY too much.

Matt is a paid regular at Comedy Works Denver, has been on the High Plains Comedy Festival, and has opened for Melissa Villaseñor, Sam Tallent, Josh Blue, and more.

Overall, Matt Cobos is just a rad dude with a rad 'tude and he just wants to party with you. Hell yeah, dude!

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Eric Henderson is a nationally touring comedian and known outer space enthusiast who brings to the stage a high energy, unique style of observational humor and storytelling all blended together with a subtle punch or morality.

Being addicted to the road, Eric can be been seen at comedy clubs, dive bars, and theaters all over the globe. Also known for co-hosting a monthly food-based-showcase called 3 Course Comedy as well as regularly featuring for Comedy Works Entertainment and The Improv

Dē Kelley brings a relatable, versatile style of comedy to the world. Mixing a variety of material pulled from everyday life, storytelling and impromptu audience interactions. He released a self published stand-up Comedy Album entitled "Salutations" in 2018, that can be found across all streaming platforms. 


A true professional that has opened for many nationally touring comics such as Josh Blue, Rodney Perry, Karlous Miller and more.  He has performed at festivals across the country including the Great American Comedy Festival and High Plains Comedy festival... As well as being seen on PBS and Amazon.  


Dē Kelley's unpretentious, charismatic humor makes him a fan favorite when he hits any stage!

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George Delgado is a comic from south Texas with his start in Corpus Christi. After living out in LA and Las Vegas, George now calls Denver his home. He loves to riff on his childhood, family , and cultural identity. Throughout his stand up career he as won zero comedy competitions, even though he thinks they’re scams he will never learn his lesson. If insecurity and blind confidence was personified, it would look like George

Trevor Ryan's the host of open mic comedy at Aby's Rapid City every thursday night, the weekend voice of 95.1 KSKY as well as KICK 104, and the king of overreaching in more ways than one. He has performed all over the Black Hills and just loves making people smile

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Joshua Emerson is a Navajo stand up comedian based in Denver, Colorado. He is a founding member of the award-winning comedy troupe and production company, DeadRoom Comedy. Joshua surprises audiences around the courntry with emotional intelligence and his  trademarked volume. 

Shanae Ross is a Comedian based out of Denver With engaging charm, a snazzy fashion sense, and personable storytelling ability, she has had the honor of performing at festivals such as the High Plains Comedy Festival  and 50 First Jokes. While fluent in the language of comedy, her inability to speak “Parent” does not hold her back from making them laugh. (However, she will watch a kid or two)  she draws her audience in with her light hearted and happy energy.

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Brett Hiker was a regular guy until ten years ago when he was bitten by a stray comedian. Since, Hiker has spent the last decade telling jokes in theaters, clubs, and music venues across North America. His comedy has found its way to television on Fox, Comcast, and the CW as well as the Aspen, Limestone, and High Plains Comedy Fests.  He is an avid fan of dive bars, legos, large dogs, soft drugs, snowstorms, carharts, Wiffle Ball, Toaster Strudels, silly hats, open containers, vintage hockey teams, pillow forts, day drinking, breakfast food, and nothing else. Although Brett was raised by a pack of mountain folk in Colorado, he now lives and tells jokes in NYC where against his will he gets meaner and funnier by the day.

Sheldon Starr’s brand of comedy is distinguished by his literal short stories, ranging anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes with abrupt delivery, non sequiturs, quick punch lines, witty thoughts, and one-liners.

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"Tyler Mathieson is a Rapid City stand-up comedian and actor who uses his observational style to bring positivity, with just a dash of self-depreciation."

Tyler Corbine is a standup comedian from South Dakota.

He has spent years sharpening his comedy chops all across the Midwest, learning how to entertain people from all different backgrounds. With routines built around audience engagement, Tyler’s shows create a sense of communal experience bringing together people from all backgrounds with funny and lightning clever insights about America, Money, and the absurdity of modern life.

Tyler has been a winner of the Black Hills Comedy Festival, a participant in the Sno Jam Comedy Festival, and a regular at Loonee’s Comedy Club in Colorado Springs.


Mario Zapata is a Peruvian born comedian with roots in California, but Vegas in his veins. Based in Nashville now, he's performed at comedy clubs and showrooms across the country with his mix of humor and music

Angie Thorson is an artist, comedian, foodie who loves to travel through life unscripted. Ya can't make this shit up...and while most of it is true, one never knows where she might end up at any given time. Improv is where it all began, but stand-up has her heart, performing throughout the Midwest to AZ and as far as Brooklyn. As a young girl, she dreamed of being a cast member of Saturday Night Live as she secretly watched it from the hallway. She did open for the guy who opened for the guy who hosted SNL, but her lifetime dream includes designing a handbag for Louis Vuitton by the time she is 90. She gets paid to train cops and cries on cue, but football is her favorite. She has worked the last three superbowl halftime shows and doesn't intend to stop

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